We have a few changes going into effect here at the Psych Services Group (PSG) prior to our next quarterly trainings and wanted to bring you all up-to-date.

Many of you know and have participated in classes, debriefings, and perhaps, benefited from one-on-one assistance from Joshua Skinner in the last couple of years.  Josh has completed his internship and has decided to take some time in order to prepare for exams and evaluate his direction in the field.  He will not be available for direct referral but will continue to work with Psych Services from time to time in an on-call basis for trainings and debriefings.  We wish Josh the very best in his future endeavors.  In addition, Lauren Cattolico Brown, who has worked with PSG for several years now, is on leave as she prepares for and welcomes her soon-to-be first child.  Lauren will continue her association with PSG out of our Concord location after her maternity leave.  We are actively working to vet additional culturally competent law enforcement clinicians in each of the counties we serve.  As always, we hope you will share your recommendations and endorsement of any such individuals you have worked with or met.

As a result of these changes in our business landscape, we have decided to move our main operation to new offices in Brentwood.  At almost every Quarterly Peer Support meeting we have encouraged you to remember to take care of yourselves and be healthy, and decided we might want to consider that advice ourselves.  We have secured new office space in a wonderful building just two blocks from our homes and are looking forward to setting up shop in an area so convenient for us.  We believe this new space will enhance our ability to serve our clients and contract cities.  The new address is 8660 Brentwood Blvd., Suite B, Brentwood, CA 94513.  For the moment, we will continue to conduct business utilizing our cell phones so plan to reach us in the usual manner. New phone numbers will be forthcoming for our office lines. As always, we will continue our on-site response and will be available when and where needed.

Many of you have already met Scott Dansie at various trainings and critical incident responses.   Scott is currently completing his education and will be working with us as the business manager for PSG handling contracts and billing, peer support coordination, training and ICISF certifications and general all-around wrangling duties. He can be reached at 925-813-4492 or by email at scottdansie@psychservicesgroup.com you can find his biography on our website at www.psychservicesgroup.com.

We are excited about these changes and would like to invite you to come get acquainted with our new digs. We will be hosting an Open House on Friday, May 20th from 11-2 in our new space in Brentwood. We’ll be serving light refreshments and hope to have the opportunity to visit and enjoy your company from within our natural habitat and absent the typical disaster that too often brings together.

Look for additional information on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Psychological-Services-Group-983300381731976/

or on-line at www.psychservicesgroup.com and, please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any questions.